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Lance King is one of my favorite singers. This old veteran has been through good numbers of groups, even if some have (despite their
quality) remained rather unnoticed. I think of Avian, or even Shining Star, Empire and an appearance on the album Mistheria. But it is mainly in Balance of Power and Pyramaze that our man was revealed to the world.
Yet his career began in 1981 with groups such as Freelance, Gemini and The Kings Machine.

"A Moment in Chiros" is currently his first solo album and the opportunity for Lance King to surrounded himself with very competent musicians who have worked in rather famous groups, Bruce Dickenson, Beyond Twilight, Anubis Gate, Thought Chamber, Jorn, Darkwater (Markus
Sigfridsson) Phonomik, Myrath, Wuthering Heights, Avian and our frenchies Spheric Universe Experience. Surrounded by these experts Lance King could not miss.

Musically we are in the universe of American Music, that is a rather progressive Metal, and powerful enough for this time with an orchestral intonation. "A Moment in Chiros" is a concept album based on a theme rather subjective or intellectual that will suit your taste. Everything takes on a  number meaning, and the famous 11 hour 11:11. Experts refers to psychic time or God's Time or infinity, in essence the opposite of Chronos physical time. Lance even taken the concept to release his album ... 11/11/11 The man is to build on its subject. Well, immediately, there is nothing dreamlike or spiritual, at least on your clock, it's just a phenomenon that has appeared since the era of LCD clocks. 11.11 and 22.22 what is commonly called "hour mirrors" and are easier to discern in this multitude of figures. The brain remembers more easily, such as the 666 or the 4444. 11, remains a figure of all superstitions.

Returning to the music, because that's what interests us here. The album starts fairly conventionally, with a narrator who sets the story and immerses us deeply into the subject. It reminds me of albums by Metalium. Then it goes into power on orchestral background.  The guitars and keyboards are massive out of "Awakening", "Given A Choice"  
and "Transformation" and the solo guitarists and keyboard players are having a field day. Lance is very fit and does not make oversing as we have sometimes heard on a few pieces of Avian. As an example. "Kibou"  
breaks the fast tempo of the album. This composition is a piano / voice that serves as interlude with the second part of the album.

"A Moment in Chiros" is a disc full and varied. Lance King is given the means to make an album of bombast. Nothing here is sloppy, nothing is done in a hurry (even though written, recorded and mixed in just under three months), on the contrary, everything here is precise, no frills and fun.

Each listen brings new discovery. It quickly becomes clear that careful listening is required to fully appreciate the thing because of the subtle layers.

This is certainly not an essential album, because  "A Moment in Chiros" is nothing really new, but we will still have a good time surrounded by good musicians and a fabulous singer.
Will listening to the album bring you the answers he expected?  No idea, for me anyway, but I'm sure "A Moment in Chiros" will delight fans of the genre.

Note that the profits of "A Moment in Chiros" are given to the association "Not For Sale" to fight against sexual slavery worldwide.  
We applauded loudly for the initiative :)


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