Les Eternals - 14/20

Lance King. A golden voice. Over twenty-year career. More than twenty-five albums in various formations more or less obscure including Balance of Power, Pyramaze, Shining Star and Avian. Today, the man is surrounded by a gaggle of artists from groups heavy / prog children and began his first solo album. He chose as a concept the great mystery of the 11 hours: 11 of which several million people - including Lance himself - seem to have experienced. Fans of mysteries, follow the guide ...
Side concept, "Chiros" refers to the psychic time, subjective, which regulates each individual, as opposed to "Chronos" physical time, objective, rule society ... Intello, you say? The release date is set for 11-11-2011 ... The titles are numbered very special ... The cover is esoteric at will (also a bit megalomaniac?). All ingredients together to achieve a good album "progressive", as "significant on several levels." Musically, after the scene was planted by a narrator, as likes to Rhapsody, the entry in runs with great fanfare as a symphonic and epic intro, terms that can be used to describe the rest the album. Lance King here offers a power metal with a rich, modern, with orchestrations Dante, all served by an impeccable production. Mix - with more or less skill - big heavy riffs, acoustic numerous interventions ("A Moment in Chiros," "Dance of Power," "Sacred Systems"), samples ("A Given Choice," " Sacred Systems "," Transformation "), keyboards (" Awakening "," A Given Choice, "" Transformation "), prog-metal sections (" Everlasting Joy "), breathtaking solos (" Awakening "," A Moment Chiros in "," Dance of Power "), catchy choruses ... There is also an author's penchant for oriental melodies (" Awakening "," Manifest Destiny "," Sacred Systems "), which provides a small exotic touch for the best effect. This album is extremely dense and many require you to listen carefully before tamed. "Kibou" (pronounced "Kibow", "hope" in Japanese) divides the album into two parts and acts as an interlude piano / voice
But while we might blame Chiros In A Moment? What makes this album a great success, without being absolutely essential or memorable? What prevents Lance King to be finally a place in the pantheon of progressive heavy metal? Hard to explain ... or rather very simple ... It lacks the little "more" that climb the walls, the killer riff or small arrangement never heard before, perhaps, the kind of chips with which certain groups are able to fill their current album, lacks A Moment In chiropractors originality ... because even if definitely appreciates with pleasure growing with each new listen, even if every song is really well polished, if the riffs going very well, it is to admit that this album is that "average", lost in a genre that sets no limit to the most unbridled creativity, a genre which the rule is "no rule", a genre with endless possibilities of renewal ... Lance King and his comrades have certainly great ideas but lack clear creative madness. So, like in the movies, among the profusion of outputs similar to each other, it is difficult to place in the sun even with an album of high quality and the consumer record with a limited budget should be quickly seduced to decide acquire this album rather than another. But these considerations very down-to-earth take us far from the mystical and paranormal questions that torture the mind of Lance ... May it be to find answers to their questions ... and success for A Moment In Chiros because the profits will go the Association Not For Sale to fight against sexual slavery worldwide. Great initiative, Lance!
Nice exercise in style to a first embodiment solo but leaves most of his hunger on the ass. Lance King he will excel in a second album? Hopefully ... In any case the potential is there.

Source: http://www.leseternels.net/chronique.aspx?id=4907

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