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For over 20 years Lance King has been lending his voice to progressive and power metal bands like Pyramaze, Balance Of Power and Gemini. Two decades into his career he's decided to record his first solo album, A Moment In Chiros. The concept is based on the 11:11 time prompt phenomena (which is really interesting; google it to find out more).

King recruited an all-star cast from all over the globe to play on A Moment In Chiros, including Jacob Hansen (Beyond Twilight), Kim Oleson (Anubis Gate), Tore St. Moren (Jorn), Malek Ben Arbia (Myrath) and many others.

King delivers a varied and versatile vocal performance on A Moment Of Chiros. He is able to be reserved and subdued on songs like the opener “A Sense Of Urgency” and crank up the intensity and range on tracks such as “Dance Of Power.” No matter what the intensity level, King delivers the lyrics with conviction and emotion.

The music on the album is melodic, with lots of hooks and singalong choruses, a mix of traditional, power and progressive metal. “A Given Choice” even has some industrial elements. There's a wide variety of tempos and intensities, from bombastic and aggressive rockers to ballads like “Kibou.”

There are some really good performances by the guest musicians as well. Marcus Sigfridsson (Darkwater) plays really good guitar on “Awakening,” as do Malek Ben Arbia and Kim Oleson on “Joy Everlasting.” Oleson also adds some nice atmospheric keyboards on several tracks on the album.

Progressive and power metal fans will find a lot to like on A Moment Of Chiros: quality songwriting, excellent musical performances, an interesting lyrical concept and top-notch vocals.

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Source: http://heavymetal.about.com/od/cdreviews/fr/Lance-King-A-Moment-In-Chiros-Review.htm

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