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As owner of the Metal label Nightmare Records (, Lance King has been dedicated to helping Progressive-Power Metal bands advance both in America and worldwide for over 2 decades.  Lance's voice is revered by many throughout the Metal community -- he's best known for his truly outstanding work with Balance Of Power, and more recently Pyramaze.  Amazingly, Lance's resume includes singing duties on more than 25 albums with a cornucopia of bands during the span of his career.  In 2011, Lance decided it was a good time to finally release his first "solo" album, and to bring in a host of talent from Prog-Power bands hailing from lands near and far to assist his efforts.

The end result is A Moment In Chiros, which is a concept album inspired by the 11:11 time prompt phenomena, and revolves around one man's journey as a seeker of truth who is looking for answers to the world's greatest mysteries.



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