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Lance King is one of those artists who are often in a group today, another tomorrow. In fact part of many groups including Defyance, Balance Of Power, Pyramaze, Shining Star, Avian. Lance King is a very versatile singer, for both power more stringent that the more complex prog metal, and these are in fact the favorite genres of music from him and the groups just mentioned in this part of the full range of subgenres of heavy metal.

After many years of career, King has decided to release his first solo album, however, making help from old friends: we find Jacob Hansen and Kim Olesen then the Anubis Gate (also as producer), Morten Sørensen (Pyramaze, and Wuthering Heights ), Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson) and several other artists.

The production is impeccable, and the sound that it seems more that of a real band rather than a solo debut with the host people.

The first solo work of Lance King is a concentration of power and melody, structured as a single work and not as a collection of new songs in their own right. In fact, the concept of the album evolves all around a person's reasoning about the great mysteries and questions that move the world.

The music offered is a progressive power of excellent workmanship, very canon, but at the same time effective and that can in order not to annoy and to be heard without tiring. The excellent vocal talents of Lance King are always confirmed in numerous interpretations ranging from soft voice to the most acute, that on numerous occasions reminiscent of Geoff Tate.

The orchestral interludes and keyboard-divide the scene with the guitars in a complexity worthy of the best prog metal (Dream Theater and Queensryche all), a complexity that alternate solutions effectively to work faster and easier in full power speed metal.

Source: http://www.heavy-metal.it/lance-king-moment-chiros/

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