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King, Lance: A Moment in Chiros
Melodic/Progressive/Power Metal

by Craig Hartranft,  10.31.2011

Okay, so here's the short review: Buy this album. If you dig well-composed and entertaining melodic progressive power metal with powerful and versatile vocals, then Lance King's first solo project, A Moment in Chiros is simply primo material. So head on over to Nightmare Records and order the album; otherwise read on if you want more of my verbose commentary.

Now, let's get one thing clear: I'm a fan. So don't expect an unbiased commentary here.

For it's development, A Moment in Chiros was brought to birth quickly, in three short months. King invited friends and colleagues in the field to participate in the song composition. The talent is immense and the list long; you can check it out at the end of this article. For the concept, Lance explores the 11:11 time prompt phenomena, and a man's search for understanding of its implications. Frankly, I don't get all of it. So Google the idea and explore for yourself.

Concerning the principal player: King's vocal style has always been versatile and surprising. Compare his work across Avian, Shining Star, Pyramaze, and Balance of Power, and you see how he shifts and moves to bring coherency or something new to the tune. Across this album, being a 'solo' work, King naturally has the freedom of expression and creativity. Yet, for a 'metal' album, I would characterize much of his tone as smooth, melodic and, even, warm. But that's not to say there's not a classic, but clean, metal style here. A Given Choice and Dance of Power are obvious examples of this.

Perhaps the greater element here (without subtracting from King's performance), is the breadth of the music. Largely melodic heavy metal, it's also parts progressive, power, and symphonic metal. True to an integration of these elements, the arrangements are dense and immense, luxurious in texture and temperament, with A Sense of Urgency, Transformation, and the monumental title track, sterling examples. Is this due to the depth and breadth of the participants? Likely so.

To the breadth and depth of composition once more, other notable characteristics occur. There's the inherent heaviness within Dance of Power, suitable to it's subject. The lightness of Kibou, a totally non-metal piece, where King's lighter tone is persuasive of versatile skills. Then there's Awakening, where a clever vocal arrangement merge with lyrical and compositional hooks to make for one crackin' piece of catchy melodic metal.

All in all, Lance King's A Moment in Chiros is a delight. As much as the concept and musical canvas is a tapestry for King's considerable vocal talent, A Moment in Chiros is a well-rounded and well-crafted sum of it's equally persuasive participants. This is simply fine melodic progressive power metal from a man who knows his trade quite well. Strongly recommended.

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