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Monday, the 23rd January 2012 23:22

Theoroume given the fact that, being owner of a heavy metal / hard rock record label, and must love this music. How many times but we have seen record owners to record an album themselves. Let me answer for you. Never! The highly popular manager of Nightmare Records, Lance King, he decided to release a solo album, obviously wanting to make the most of his tenure as the former frontman of Pyramaze, Balance Of Power and dozens of others.

The "A Moment In Chiros" according to Lance, this is a concept album that deals around the facts behind the mysterious date "11.11.11" (this is indeed the odd numbered tracks), and the impact that 75 million people. The rather introductory track "A Sense Of Urgency" me from the beginning to figure out what I can do. The music as a solo artist is not much different from the progressive / power of the bands that had worked previously. We find, however, some configurations that give more attention to melody than on technique. First examples of the "Awakening" and "Manifest Destiny". The very reasonable Lance wanted to avoid any comparisons with Pyramaze, putting even more effects on the guitars. Interpretation has done a great job, since it influences from Geoff Tate and James LaBrie put the album on many levels, while the half and then I think I hear a new release of Symphony X (no bad thing, right?). The sole exception entirely negative "Pull Me Under" introduction to "Infinity Divine".

Beyond enjoying this pleasing composition. At this point mention the key element behind the tray. Jacob Hansen. The production is simply a seminar. Mr. King will undoubtedly seen his work in Volbeat, Heathen, Communic, Mercenary, Onslaught, Raunchy and Pretty Maids and jealous. The final image, and justifies the choice of consoles. Melody, atmosphere, interpretive magic and what little Queensryche style, all in one CD. And do not forget that "A Moment In Chiros" created over JUST three months. I have nothing else to say. Congratulations to the President!


Harris Beladakis


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