The Interview that turned into a album/artist endorsement

World renown Musician and Vocal Artist Lance King has been entertaining and thrilling fans for years with his melodic symphonies in rich chord progressions and perfect pitch tones. As a solo artist and in various group arrangements he has been known for captivating his audience, he has been described as “Driven” and “Consumed” by his own motivation for success.

We interviewed Lance King and we bring to you an interview unlike any we have done. When I spoke with Lance on the phone, I started with a simple Q&A format, however, it became more of a dialog, and then I seemed to disappear from the interview all together, as if drawn into a story, a story such as The Iliad, or Homer’s Odyssey, Lance king became in this interview like the prophet on the mountaintop, and I was riveted to his words.

Since 1981, Lance has worked with several bands and performance groups as well as his solo works with contributing artists from all over the world. Not finding the support from the industry for his unique talents and views in recording, he created his own label Nightmare Records, which he retains total control over his creations, as well as providing support to other artists he supports and mentor.

His most recent album “A Moment in Chrios” is a journey into the life of Lance King, he took moments in his life, the good, the bad and the transformative and created a tale interwoven with highs and lows that are not just heard, but felt physically and emotionally. Songs with titles such as “Transformation”,” A Given Choice”, “Manifest Destiny”, “Kibou” and “Infinity Divine” bring you into his world and keeps you there. His works are not a diversion but a point of origin and the path to a completion of self-discovery. The adapted stories of his life are similar to the lives we all have lived, but no two stories are the same, and no two moments in time can be the same.

Lance king stated “This album took a long time to complete, everything had to be perfect, and just when it seemed to be far from complete, one day it all just fell into place”.

By recording his music with both harmony and technical direction being under constant scrutiny, he created this seekers tale of rich and hypnotic tapestries of tonal arrangements that lock a listener in, and all too soon, the music stops and you find yourself reflecting on everything you heard.

I have interviewed artists and performers and I have heard the good, the bad and the ugly, and I have used terms like “rocking” and “heavy” or I have described the music as being “cool”, but I cannot use those terms with Lance King’s “A Moment in Chrios”, which is categorically Hard Rock or Metal, but so much more.  When I listen to this album, I picture a grand hall with a full orchestral unit, and upon a stage a myriad of characters and scene changes, special effects, thunder, lightning... the Valkyries swooping in from the skies, indescribable and fantastic.

While interviewing Lance I found that he was not just a musical artist, but an esoteric fusion of man and music, one cannot separate Lance King from his Music, it is his soul being brought to a form that is open to the listener, to the fan, to us all.  Lance King’s natural skills and abilities and pronounced, he has a skill of pairing his voice to musical melodies and rhythms without the use of effects or synthesis. Lance King is more than a performer or a musician; he is an enigma with a voice, and a voice that should be heard.

To hear excerpts from “A Moment in Chrios”, or to learn more about Lance King and his music, you can find him at the following online locations.,,,

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