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Singled Out: Lance King's Awakening - 11/10/2011

Today Avian, Pyramaze and Balance Of Power frontman Lance King tells us about "Awakening" from his brand new album "A Moment In Chiros," which is being released tomorrow 11/11/11. Here is the story:

"Awakening" is part of a concept album, I can't give the entire concept away, it would sort of ruin the point of the album which is for truth seekers to search for clues in the construct of what the music and lyrics are sharing. It's called "A Moment In Chiros" and it's based on the 11:11 time prompt phenomena, and comes out 11/11/11.

"Awakening" is a part of that concept, however it has a duplicity to it in that I used a real life story to illustrate a step of the concept.

Metal Insider Interview

Singer/Nightmare Records Founder Lance King Discusses New Solo Album And Effects Of Technology. Plus, We’re Streaming The Song “222. Awakening”

For the past 21 years, singer Lance King has been the voice of numerous powerhouse metal and prog groups, including bands like Pyramaze, Avian, and Balance Of Power  to name a few). During that time, King has also been working behind the scenes in the industry, running his own independent label Nightmare Records. This past Summer, though, King decided to embark on a new journey: his first solo record. But rather than going at it alone, King collaborated with numerous prog/power metal heavyweights, including members of Anubis Gate, Jorn, Beyond Twilight, and many others. What resulted in under three months was A Moment In Chiros, which will be released on November 11/8.

Interview by Christine Krusewitz via email

December 10, 2011

When was the idea for your first solo album “A Moment In Chiros” born?

I’ve been wanting to do one for a few years, but wasn’t quite sure what the “subject matter” would be. I kept getting caught up in my work at Nightmare and putting it off. Once I decided what it is I wanted to say, I went about getting it together most of the info I already had from experience on this one so the story wrote itself extremely easily. Realizing I had a wealth of musicians that I knew I decided the best way for me to get this idea out of my head and in musical form was for me to set a deadline and invite some people to join me. My deadline was obvious when I looked at the concept of the album the release date simply had to be 11/11/11. So I put my concept together in a three page email and sent it out to a bunch of my musical friends that I had not yet had the pleasure of creating music with. And I gave them the timeframe, not a lot of time considering the email went out on June 30th this year!

Lance King Interview

November 17, 2011

He's been in many different bands over the years, and now Lance King has recorded his first solo album A Moment In Chiros. The sought after power/progressive metal vocalist collaborated with musicians from across the globe on the CD. In addition to his career as a performer, King is also a businessman who started the independent label Nightmare Records.

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